Happy International Women’s Day 2015!

We’ve been incredibly fortunate at Valkyrie WMAA to have had a strong team of women training with us from the very beginning, and to have watched it grow over the years. It’s been inspiring watching them gain strength, confidence, and skill, and they’ve become formidable fighters, instructors, and integral members of our school community. It’s a privilege to be able to celebrate them on this day, and to share just a bit of their awesomeness…

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January Longsword Class

January’s Flavour of the Month was the longsword. Over the course of 4 classes, we worked through a range of drills to improve our cutting form and flow, and develop strategies for evasion and deception. We also covered the applications of the Master Blows of the German longsword tradition. Everyone had a lot of fun, and you can see some of our drills and slow play in the video and images below. You can sign…

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Video – Fitness Evolved

Just in time for everyone’s New Years’ resolutions, we’ve released a new teaser video showcasing how we train.

Evolve your fitness in 2015! Join us today.