Video – Fitness Evolved

Just in time for everyone’s New Years’ resolutions, we’ve released a new teaser video showcasing how we train.

Evolve your fitness in 2015! Join us today.

New Year, New Class Schedule!

Kaja Sadowski spars with Danielle Rice - John Chan photographer

Happy 2015! To kick off the new year, we’re adding another evening of classes to our weekly roster, and updating the weekly training schedule. As of January 5th, we will be moving our rapier and Beginner Program classes to Wednesday evenings, and adding a new Advanced Class on Thursdays.

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Drop-In December

This month, Valkyrie WMAA is opening up all of our classes to drop-in visitors. Whether you’re a newcomer who’s curious to see what we’re all about, or a current student who’s never been to a wrestling class, you’re welcome to check out any of our December classes for free!

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