COVID Phase 2 at Valkyrie

The Provincial Government has published its Restart Plan for re-opening businesses in our province and has scheduled the beginning of Phase 2 for Tuesday, May 19th.

Under the plan, sports and recreation facilities are being allowed to re-open “under enhanced protocols”. Specifically, we have to take appropriate, effective measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. Here’s how different measures stack up, from most effective (top) to least effective (bottom), according to the BC Ministry of Health:

  • Physical Distancing: maintaining at least 2m of distance between all patrons
  • Engineering Controls: built-in physical barriers like the plexiglass shields around cash registers
  • Administrative Controls: rules, procedures, and training
  • PPE: masks and gloves

Physical distancing is by far the best tool available to us. We’ll be keeping folks at a safe distance whenever we can, and adding administrative controls that limit the pool of potential contacts and keep our space as clean as possible.

We know that we have vulnerable and immunocompromised community members and want to reopen as safely as possible. Our space is also small and has a lot of choke points that make it risky to navigate for large groups while still maintaining physical distance. For these reasons, we’ll be taking things slowly. Here is our current reopening plan:

May 18: Phase 2 starts

  • online classes continue Mon-Sat
  • online workshops will be added to the schedule as instructors choose topics they’d like to cover
  • coaches may, at their discretion, start hosting their weekly classes from a local park; students who live locally will be able to join in person for a no-contact, physically distanced group session (classes will still be streamed online and available to students who are at home)

June 15: 4 weeks after start of Phase 2

  • the training space at 2603 Kingsway will reopen on a limited basis for private instruction (1-on-1, or semi-private lessons for 2 students who already share a household/contact bubble)
    • cleaning and behaviour protocols will be in place and publicly posted prior to this limited opening
    • students who wish to participate in private lessons will be asked to fill out a screening questionnaire regarding their existing level of contact/exposure risk, and will have a discussion with their instructor about shared safety and risk managment before beginning any in-person lessons

We’ll be monitoring the situation closely and taking feedback from all of our staff and students during this time. We’ll also be modifying our pricing on workshops and private lessons in order to make them as accessible as possible during a period that is affecting financial stability for so many people.

Please stay tuned for further announcements as we get closer to the next stage. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for your patience as we figure out how to keep our community healthy — physically, socially, and emotionally.

We miss you, and are really looking forward to getting back to the business of fighting our friends!

We miss you! Be safe.

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