Your First Class

If you’ve registered for Valkyrie Base or are coming in for a trial class, you may be wondering what to expect from your first lesson.

Your First Lesson At Valkyrie WMAA

Each session lasts two hours, with a 5-minute break at the halfway point. This time is divided between:

  • sprinting warmups (5 minutes)
  • strength-training and movement drills (25 minutes)
  • unarmed striking or grappling drills (30 minutes)
  • swordplay lesson and drills (45 minutes)
  • open sparring (10 minutes)

The energy level stays high throughout our classes, and they are quite physically challenging even for experienced students. Make sure to arrive well-fed and well-hydrated, and take rests as needed during the exercises. While working hard is encouraged, you should never feel as if you are pushing yourself to the point of pain or exhaustion.

What to Wear: comfortable clothing that allows for maximum freedom of movement. Cotton is not recommended, as it tends to soak up sweat and becomes heavy during a hard workout. Light shoes with thin soles are recommended to increase mobility and sensitivity during footwork drills, and many students prefer to train barefoot. Please note that only non-marking, indoor shoes are allowed on our training floor.

What to Bring: at least 1 litre of water, and a substantial snack for the break (nuts, chocolate, and energy bars work well). Training weapons (including rapiers and knives) are provided, along with masks and other protective equipment for sparring. You may find leather gloves more comfortable than bare hands for fencing, and a jock or jill is strongly encouraged for students wishing to spar.

Feel free to come to any of our instructors or staff if you have questions or concerns during your lesson, and remember — we’re all here to have fun.

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