Happy International Women’s Day!

At Valkyrie WMAA, International Women’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. It’s a great opportunity to publicly celebrate the amazing women of our school, and to connect more strongly with our martial arts sisters around the world. This year, we had the opportunity to pull some of our students together for a fun photo shoot, and produced some epic “propaganda” posters to encourage the amazing ladies of Western Martial Arts to band together and share their strength with one another. Here are the final products, as well as a few outtakes from the photo shoot itself.

We Can Do It! Happy International Women's Day 2016

We Can Do It!

Fight the Patriarchy -- It's Fun! Happy International Women's Day 2016

Fight the Patriarchy — It’s Fun!

Raise Up Your Fellow Woman! Happy International Women's Day 2016

Raise Up Your Fellow Woman!

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in a photo shoot on such short notice, and to all of the women who’ve come through Valkyrie WMAA over the years. We wouldn’t be the school we are without you, and we are dedicated to making this the best space possible for all of you.

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