Introducing: NOTsquatch


Swordsquatch is an annual HEMA event that brings together historical martial arts practitioners from across the Pacific Northwest for 3 days of workshops, tournaments, and legendary socializing. With 50 workshops from over 30 instructors, the schedule for this year’s Swordsquatch is packed to the gills with amazing programming. Overstuffed, even. With so much to fit on the roster, it was inevitable that some super great workshops would have to be left out. The bad news is that you won’t be seeing them in Seattle this September; the good news is that you can see them in Vancouver this July instead!

NOTsquatch is a celebration of the PNW swordplay community spirit that Swordsquatch embodies, and a showcase of some excellent workshops that you won’t be seeing at that event, from instructors that you will. It’s also a not-for-profit fundraiser, and all proceeds will be used to help send low-income members of the Valkyrie WMAA community to Swordsquatch!

Join us on Saturday, July 14th from 12pm – 6pm for 3 workshops from Justin Ring (Valkyrie WMAA), Jon Mills (Black Dog Strength and Nutrition), and David R. Packer (Valkyrie WMAA). Workshop topics include:

  • Movement, timing, and deception in swordplay (Justin)
  • Motivational interviewing and self-coaching (Jon)
  • Comparing modern and historical knife culture and training (David)

Attendance is “pay what you can”, with a suggested minimum donation of $20. Pre-registration is not required, and you can pay at the door via cash, cheque, credit card, or Paypal. If you can’t make it out to NOTsquatch but still want to support the fundraiser, you are welcome to donate via the button below!

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