Introducing Systema Vancouver

Systema Vancouver

We’re very excited to announce that, beginning this week, Systema Vancouver will be running classes out of our training space at the following times:

  • Tuesday & Thursday, 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Systema is a Russian martial art that emphasizes fluidity, adaptability, body awareness, and mental resilience. Systema Vancouver’s head instructor, Cristian Isbasescu, describes his program in the following way:

“Systema Classes will bring you many aspects of the Russian Martial Art. We focus on breathing, and generating power from a relaxed body. It is important to work with different individuals who have varying body types and temperament. Every class will focus on breathing, relaxation, movement, and natural and comfortable body alignment. Systema is a holistic martial art that aims to strengthen the whole person, including aspects of the self like intuition, breathing capacity, body awareness, and more. This creates a better understanding of how we can reduce tension and control feelings of panic and fear.”

To find out more about their program and class rates, visit their website, or check out a class in person. Please note that Systema Vancouver administers their own programming and fees, and that Valkyrie credits are not currently usable for their classes.

We’re very excited to have Cristian and his students in our space, and look forward to seeing what the practice of Systema contributes to our own school and community. This is an important step towards growing Valkyrie WMAA into a true Assembly of diverse martial artists sharing their knowledge and passion with one another, and we’re excited to see the fruits of this new relationship. Welcome, Systema Vancouver!

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