Introducing the Valkyrie Fitness Program

Justin leading a striking warmup

In February, we’re kicking off a brand new program at Valkyrie WMAA that makes our fitness material accessible on a busy schedule or a tight budget. 1-hour Valkyrie Fitness classes now run Monday-Friday at 7am and 12pm, and at 5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Drop-in is only $10/class!

No experience or prior fitness is required, and you can attend whenever fits your schedule! Just check our calendar for upcoming class times, click on the class you’d like to attend, and reserve your spot. Pre-registration is not mandatory, but class sessions with no students pre-registered 12 hours prior to session start will be cancelled.

Each class begins with a fun, mobility-centred warmup that challenges you with new ways of moving. Next, we’ll lead you through a strength training workout that gives you power and stability in your major muscle groups and joints, while building up strength and dramatically increasing your fitness over time. We wrap up with some light martial arts work that improves your endurance while teaching you fun new skills from our striking and weapon-work curriculum. You can expect to learn how to do all of the exercises featured in our Fitness Bits series, and a whole lot more.

Whether you’re looking to boost your existing training, or get in shape for the first time, we’ll make sure you make consistent progress towards your goals — all while having so much fun that you’ll forget you’re working out!

Book your first class today, or contact us for more details.

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