John’s Knife Advice

On February 26th, we hosted a one-day intensive workshop on knife disarms, taught by the inimitable John F. Irving. Our enthusiastic students spent 6 hours working a range of techniques and tactical approaches under some serious sparring pressure, and were able to test their existing and new skills under realistic circumstances. Knife fighting is grim business, and disarms even more so, because there’s really no risk-free way to make them happen. When you’re spending a day in the heady territory of lethal weapon encounters, there’s got to be some way to lighten the mood. Fortunately, John is one of the funnier and more quotable humans we know, and we had some intrepid reporters on hand to take his pearls of wisdom and turn them into the internet’s greatest currency: memes.

And just in case you thought that’s all we got up to that weekend, here’s a gallery of all the hard work the students put in. All photos were taken during sparring.

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