Kunst des Funkelns

Friday, 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Kunst des Funkelns instructors Jon Mills and Claire Wemyss

Kunst Des Funkelns (AKA Sparkle School) is a German martial arts group focused on the arts of wrestling, dagger and single handed sword that marries historic fighting arts with modern teaching methods, often with hilarious results. The group prioritizes play, fun, and accessibility while trying to remain true to the historical sources. Classes usually feature movement warm ups, wrestling, timing and distance games, followed by a collaborative examination of a historic fight manual.

This is an independent program run by Jon Mills and Claire Wemyss, and is available to all Valkyrie WMAA students at our usual class rates. Drop in weekly for $30/class, or sign up for an unlimited package or punchcard to save money and get access to the rest of Valkyrie WMAA’s programming, including ongoing martial arts classes.

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