Latosa Escrima Fundamentals: Workshop Gallery

On June 30th, Andrew Somlyo and Beth Hammer of Seattle Escrima Club came out to teach an afternoon introductory workshop at Valkyrie. We had a fantastic time, and we can’t wait to get these great coaches back up for another visit!

Latosa Escrima is a Filipino martial art developed by Rene Latosa after years of study with renowned Filipino martial art instructors such as Angel Cabales, Leo Giron, Max Sarmiento, Dentoy Revilar and his own father, Juan Latosa. Latosa Escrima is a comprehensive system that includes sticks, knives, swords (kampilans, bolos and machetes), staff, spear, shield, palm sticks, whip and empty hand methods including Cadena de Mano and Filipino Boxing. Unlike most martial arts that strictly teach techniques, Rene’s system focuses on concepts. These concepts are applicable to any weapon or empty-hand application. In addition, they are so logical and pure that people already use them to accomplish tasks in their everyday life. These concepts include balance, speed, timing, distance, power, focus, and transition.

Andrew and Beth’s workshop covered the concepts of power, focus, and speed for a dozen great students of all backgrounds and experience levels. The workshop was a fundraiser for Dying With Dignity Canada, a non-profit organization that provides end-of-life support for people with terminal illnesses, and raised over $500. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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