Nazis Are Bad.

Nazis are bad.In the wake of recent events in the US and a rise in white supremacy in Canada, we’d like to clarify our position as a school: Nazis are bad. The old kind, the new kind, the “alt-right”, white nationalists, and whatever else they choose to call themselves. They are Not Okay, and their views have no place in a civil society.

We knew when we chose the name of our school that we were drawing on mythology that has also inspired some hate groups. We chose it because the Valkyrie is one of the few well-known badass female figures in Western mythology, and we practice Western Martial Arts. We hoped that our branding and message would be clear enough to dissociate us from those who mis-appropriate Norse myth for racist ends, but were prepared to publicly and explicitly reject them as often as necessary.

We tend to be more vocal on issues related to sexism and LGBT+ rights because they have affected us most directly, and there are only so many battles that one can fight at a time. That said, racism and antisemitism are tightly linked with those issues, and we are unwilling to tolerate any bigotry. Our quieter stance on racism up until now should not be taken as neutrality, or endorsement.

Valkyrie is committed to being a safe space for all people, and that means happily kicking out sexist AND racist assholes.

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