New Class: Prehabilitation

Tools of the trade: foam roller, thera band, ball
Starting today, we’ve got a new ongoing class on the schedule. On Mondays and Wednesday, from 5:30pm – 6:30pm, students in our Valkyrie Core and Valkyrie Base programs are invited to join our new Prehabilitation classes.

Prehabilitation is the practice of identifying and addressing potential injuries before they occur. It’s a common approach in sport physiotherapy, and has become a keystone of many competitive sport and professional dance training programs. In our prehabilitation classes, we’ll be working on developing strength, mobility, and stability in the joints and muscle chains that are impacted most heavily by our training. Expect lots of stretching, foam-rolling and self-massage, alignment work, and body awareness exercises. Classes will be small (maximum 10 students), and will be guided in part by the specific injury concerns and needs of those attending.

If you’re training 3 or more days per week, have pre-existing injuries that are affecting your ability to train effectively, or just want another way of building up your physical ability and health, this class is for you! Classes cost 1 credit to attend, and are open to students of all abilities and fitness levels. Reserve a spot today via our calendar.

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