VioDy 2017 Instructors: Rory Miller

Rory Miller

Welcome to our Violence Dynamics Vancouver profile series, where you’ll get to know our instructors and event organizers in the leadup to VioDy Vancouver 2017! First up, meet self defense legend and VioDy co-founder Rory Miller.

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Guy Windsor Weekend Gallery

This past weekend, we had the great pleasure of hosting Guy Windsor for a two-day workshop series on Italian longsword. Guy worked through the longsword methods of Fiore de’i Liberi and Philippo di Vadi with his trademark precision, attention to detail, rigorous commitment to effective body mechanics and historical fidelity, and sense of fun.

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Breathing for Wrestling – Part Three

Part Three is the final installation in our short series on breathing for wrestling and other combat contexts. It gives you some guidelines how to think about breathing throughout a match, as well as some partner drills to practice.

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