Sliding Scale Drop-Ins are Here!

We're all stronger together

Happy New Year, friends! As part of our ongoing commitment to making training at Valkyrie accessible to as many people as possible, we’ve expanded our sliding scale pricing to cover drop-ins for all of our ongoing classes. Here’s how it works: if you don’t already have a punch card or unlimited plan and you try to sign up for a class, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a membership. You can select any of…

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New Allergy Policy

We’ve made some important updates to our Training Space Rules in order to make the school safer for students with allergies. The following changes are effective immediately: No peanuts, or products containing peanuts or peanut oil, are allowed anywhere in the space. If you bring food to share, please label it clearly with a list of all of its ingredients. No food is allowed on the training floor. Valkyrie WMAA is now a low-scent environment.…

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2019 Holiday Hours

Happy holidays, from the VWMAA team!

It’s the end of the year, and everyone’s schedules are getting exciting! Valkyrie will be open for most of December, with the following exceptions: Sunday, December 22: Closed – Tuesday, December 24: Closed – Wednesday, December 25: Closed – Friday, December 27: no Kunst Des Funkelns – Sunday, December 29: Closed – Tuesday, December 31: Closed – Wednesday, January 1: no classes; join us instead for our traditional New Year’s day sparring and hangover time…

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Thanks for an excellent BGSD 2!

Big Gay Sword Day 2: Sword Harder was held at Valkyrie this November 16th, with eight amazing workshops from Sam Swords, Jon Mills, Claire Wemyss, and Kaja Sadowski. We had 16 attendees from as far away as London, England, and were able to run a killer event at accessible rates thanks to our sponsors Costin Law, Ash Banks, Dillon Beyer, Owen Elliot, Sigmund Werndorf, and The Proving Ground. Thank you all! This year, we’re not…

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