Drop-In December

This month, Valkyrie WMAA is opening up all of our classes to drop-in visitors. Whether you’re a newcomer who’s curious to see what we’re all about, or a current student who’s never been to a wrestling class, you’re welcome to check out any of our December classes for free!

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Student Profile: Danielle Rice

Danielle Rice - April Student Profile

How long have you been practicing martial arts? Which one(s)? I started taking lessons in martial arts in September 2013; just last year. I quickly got into the Western Martial Arts (and other bits and pieces) that go into the different Valkyrie classes. Before that, my only experience with martial arts was 6 or so kickboxing classes when I was 15. What brought you to Valkyrie WMAA? I went to my first Valkyrie class essentially…

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Video: Valkyrie Needs Women


A promotional video published in March 2014, encouraging women who are interested in martial arts and fitness to join our school. Featuring Courtney Rice, Danielle Rice, and Kaja Sadowski (as well as most of our male student body in supporting roles), and produced by Courtney Rice and David Packer. Music by DJ Dain.

Video: “Serious Play”


Here’s what happens when sparring time turns into playtime…