Our Programs

Whether you're an experienced martial artist or a complete newcomer, we've got a place for you. Valkyrie WMAA currently offers the following unique adult programs (ages 16+):
  • Valkyrie Base is designed for newcomers to our school. This four-class introductory course will give you the foundation skills you need to become a full participant in our regular classes, including striking, grappling, and swordplay basics.
  • Valkyrie Core is our recreational martial arts program. It is designed to build formidable fighters with a combination of strength training and conditioning, unarmed fighting training, and comprehensive rapier coaching.
  • Valkyrie Self Defense focuses on the skills that will keep you safer outside of the training hall, and includes free talks, ongoing classes, and specialized workshops.

We also regularly offer one-day workshops on a range of topics not normally covered in our classes. If you're interested in seeing what we have to offer, book your free trial today!

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