Our Programs

Whether you're an experienced martial artist or a newcomer to swordplay, we've got a place for you. Valkyrie WMAA currently offers the following unique programs:

    • ProgramsValkyrie Base is designed for new fencers. This month-long introductory course will give you all of the foundation skills you need to become a full participant in our regular classes, and give you a strong base for any future swordplay training.
    • our Valkyrie Core Program is designed to build more experienced martial artists into formidable fighters with a combination of strength training and conditioning, unarmed fighting training, and comprehensive rapier coaching.
    • the Valkyrie Kids program is designed for children 7-10 years old, and helps them develop movement, tactical, and basic swordplay skills in a fun, safe, and engaging environment.
    • We also regularly offer one-day workshops on a range of topics not normally covered in our classes.

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