Valkyrie Base

Monday - Thursday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Free Trials available four days a week!

Topics covered

  • core body positions and athletic posture
  • introduction to gymnastics workouts and bodyweight exercise
  • basic unarmed striking and grappling
  • cutting, lunging, and defending with the rapier
  • using body mechanics and angles of attack effectively
  • timing, communication, and basic tactics
  • sparring safety and etiquette
Valkyrie Base Program

Valkyrie Base will introduce you to the fundamentals of our fencing, striking, grappling, and strength training methods over four classes. Our introductory program balances learning new technical skills with building an understanding of the mechanical and tactical principles that underpin our martial arts. You'll learn to throw a good punch, kick, and rapier attack, but also understand when and how to use them, and expand your own sense of your body's movement and capabilities. Each class focuses on a different aspect of fencing, from mechanical foundations and bladework, to building combinations and exploiting timing to hit your target. Graduates of this course will be ready to jump right into our main Valkyrie Core classes, and will have the foundation they need to thrive in our ongoing programs.

Classes are taught in small groups of no more than 6 students, with an emphasis on building comfort with the movement patterns and core ideas of fencing. Student safety is a priority, and all workouts will be tailored to your starting capabilities. You’ll get lots of individual attention from instructors who understand how to adapt to a range of fitness levels, body types, and training needs. Valkyrie Base is open to all adults (16 years or older), and no prior experience is required.

Get started today with a free trial, and see just how much you're capable of!

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