Distance Learning

Do you want to train with Valkyrie without having to make the trip out to our studio? Whether you live outside Vancouver, are stuck at home with an illness or injury, or have transportation issues, there are all kinds of things that make in-person lessons difficult to manage. We're here to help, and offer distance learning through Skype.

Lessons are usually 1 hour long, and cost $35 (1 credit). We'll cover 45 minutes of prepared material, with the remaining time set aside for questions and follow-up. Here are some of the topics that we can cover in the comfort of your own home:

  • Grip and Sword Arm Mechanics: the grip is the only point of connection between your body and your sword, and has an enormous impact on your ability to effectively wield your weapon. Learn the principles of a good sword grip, and build an understanding of the relationship between grip and body mechanics, bladework precision, and muscle fatigue.
  • Principles of Fencing Footwork: Learn to move smoothly and efficiently and command the field of battle. We'll get your feet moving with precision, clean up your balance and weight transfer, and give you tactical tools for using your footwork to outmaneuver your opponents. We'll also send you home with movement and flow drills to expand your footwork toolkit.
  • Bodyweight Strength Training for Martial Artists: Get the foundation you need to put together your own bodyweight workout at home, and build strength specifically for your fighting art. We'll set you up with a range of exercises that target the shoulders, upper back, and core, and supplement them with alignment work and mechanical explorations that ensure you get the most out of your workouts.
  • Intro to Self Defense Soft Skills: Get a one-hour primer on one of our core non-physical skillsets for self defense. Choose from violence dynamics, scientific people-watching, decision-making, de-escalation, or adrenaline mitigation and aftercare.

These topics are just a sample of what we can offer through distance learning. If you're interested in a longer session, a group lesson, ongoing tutoring, or a different topic, we'll set up a program that works for you. Contact us to discuss your needs, or go ahead and book your first lesson!

A rapier lesson via Skype

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