Personal Coaching and Nutrition

We offer a range of specialized coaching services for students who would like some private tuition to prepare for a competition, catch up after an absence, get their training or nutrition on track, or work through a specific training challenge. If you don't see the exact service you need listed below, contact us to discuss other training options with our staff.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching sessions are available for students who are looking for some extra instruction to work through a specific technical issue, catch up after an absence from classes, prepare for a competition, or otherwise address needs that cannot be met in group classes. We offer private and semi-private sessions with our skilled instructors at the following rates:

  • Private Lessons: 1 credit/30 mins, or $80/hour
  • Semi-Private Lessons (minimum 4 students): 1 credit ($40)/person/hour

Kaja holds an l-sit

Not sure if personal coaching is right for you? Our students have successfully used private lessons to:

  • get introduced to our beginner material outside of our Valkyrie Base schedule
  • catch up on missed classes after an illness or absence
  • rehabilitate in injury
  • get extra coaching and feedback outside of class hours
  • work through a body mechanics issue
  • build and maintain a personal workout routine
  • get additional help with a challenging technique
  • prepare for an upcoming competition
  • explore a new weapon or fighting style

Nutrition Coaching

Valkyrie WMAA offers nutrition consultation and coaching services with David R. Packer, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach. Coaches distinguished as Precision Nutrition Level 1 have completed an 18-week theory curriculum through Precision Nutrition, and have passed a written exam certifying their understanding of the best practices of nutrition. They are fully qualified to run independent coaching programs, and their knowledge rivals that of many graduate students. David has a particular interest in supporting the path that the majority of our students take -- from couch potato to athlete -- and has coached students for competition-level performance in martial arts.

Your nutrition coaching begins with a 2-part consultation. The first session determines your nutrition needs based on your 3-day eating diary, body composition, training schedule, and personal goals. In the second session, David will present you with a nutrition plan, and will work with you to set achievable nutrition goals and benchmarks. The full consultation costs $200.

Follow-up sessions can be booked at a rate of $100 each, and include a detailed review of eating diaries, re-assessment of body composition, and setting new goals or adjusting existing ones as required. Short-term email support is also included. Follow-up sessions should occur a minimum of 2 times per month.

We offer a package deal for nutrition clients who plan to work with us long-term: get the initial consultation plus 12 follow-up sessions for $800.

To book your first coaching appointment with one of our instructors, contact us today!

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