We consider practical self-defense training to be one of the cornerstones of personal development, empowerment, and safety for all people. Our lead instructors have over 30 years of combined teaching experience, including self-defense and de-escalation training with security guards, police agencies, and vulnerable civilian populations. Our teaching is focused on giving students concrete, simple tools and the understanding and psychological preparation that they need to apply them effectively, and deal with the aftermath.

We offer comprehensive, 2-day workshops for students interested in an in-depth course, as well as 1-hour and 2-hour workshops suitable for corporate and community groups. You can also work one-on-one with our instructors to follow up on specific techniques and challenges, or work through uncomfortable subject matter in a more private setting. We have experience designing and delivering courses for gender- and background-specific groups, and are happy to work with students and user groups to deliver a self-defense class that suits their precise needs.

For students who face financial challenges, sponsorship and other financial support is available. Self-defense training should be available to everyone, and we will work with you to make it possible for you to attend. If you're concerned about your ability to pay, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Our current offerings include:

Practical Self-Defense Workshops

Take a deep dive into the many sides of effective self-defense, including legal rights and Use of Force frameworks in Canada, identifying potentially dangerous people and situations, decision-making, de-escalation techniques, physical defense techniques, and aftercare. Our two-day, 8-hour program will cover a range of situations, from the mundane to the life-threatening, and help you build a healthy, realistic relationship with violence and risk. In Day 2 of this workshop, students will have the opportunity to participate in several tactical self-defense scenarios, and practice their decision-making, de-escalation, and physical response skills in a realistic context. This course has been designed with civilians in mind, and no prior martial arts or physical experience is required.

We offer a mixed-gender course, as well as a Womens' Only Self-Defense Workshop. In this version, instructors Courtney Rice and Kaja Sadowski cover the same legal, psychological, and practical material, with a special focus on the dangerous situations and social pressures that affect women most strongly. The single-gender course is run entirely by women, and is open to all female-identified and femme-identified students, in accordance with our gender accessibility policy.

The self-defense workshop is regularly offered every 2-3 months (with mixed-gender and womens' only courses alternating), and can be custom-booked for any group of 6 or more students. We also offer follow-up practice sessions and intermediate workshops for students who wish to continue their self-defense training. Sign up for our next workshop below, or contact us to request a custom booking.

  • Our next workshop will be a women's-only event, held Oct 14, 21, 28, and Nov 4, from 2:30-4:30pm. Click here to register.

Women's Only Self-Defense Workshop

Violence Dynamics Vancouver

Violence Dynamics is the study of violence and the people who inflict violence on others.

The Violence Dynamics seminar (VioDy) takes principles and concepts that usually take professional users of force years to comprehend and distills them into a common language for dealing with violence. We are bringing VioDy to Vancouver for the first time Dec 1-3, 2017.

Click here to learn more.

Short Group Presentations and Workshops

Not everyone can dedicate a full weekend to their self-defense training, and many groups prefer a shorter format for their volunteers or employees to get vital information quickly. We offer 1-hour presentations and 2-hour mini-workshops tailored to larger groups. These sessions aim to teach students how to deal with unsafe situations that are uncomfortable and unsafe, but not actually life-threatening. How do you effectively diffuse a confrontation with a creep at the bar who doesn’t value boundaries, or a street harasser, or a problem customer in your workplace? There are a lot of intermediate, lower-risk techniques that you can use to de-escalate or escape a dangerous situation without getting into a fight. Let us teach you how to use observation, verbal de-escalation, and simple physical techniques to address the situations that you’re most likely to face.

  • 1-Hour Presentation: covers the basics of dealing with everyday dangers and harassment. Learn how to spot and respond quickly to a bad situation, what resources you can bring to bear against someone who threatens your safety, and how to take care of yourself after a confrontation.
  • 2-Hour Workshop: covers all of the material featured in our presentation, and adds in practice of our core physical and verbal techniques in partnered drills and mini-scenarios. Gain the benefits of tactical instruction in an accessible format that’s suitable for students of any background, fitness level, or experience.

Contact us for rates (sliding-scale pricing available for non-profit organizations and community groups), or to request a presentation on a topic of your choice.

Bar & Restaurant Personal Safety Training

We’re pleased to offer a range of courses aimed specifically at front-line employees working in food and alcohol service. Click here for course descriptions and pricing. Are you a bar or restaurant owner or manager? Your business may be eligible to use the Canada-BC Job Grant to cover 2/3 of your employee personal safety training.

Contact us today and take the first step towards greater safety, adaptability, and confidence on the job!

Talking Self-Defense in the Media

Want more of a sense of our approach? Check out the videos below to get to know some of our instructors and hear us share some self-defense advice with Global News.

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