Valkyrie Core

Boxing, Wrestling, and Fencing

Monday - Thursday (7:00pm - 9:00pm): Valkyrie Core
Saturday (10:00am - 12:00pm): Power Class

The Valkyrie Core program teaches proficiency with the rapier alongside boxing and wrestling. You will build a strong foundation in the mechanics, tactics, and philosophy of Western Martial Arts, and get the ongoing training you need to develop a unique, effective fighting style while dramatically improving your overall fitness. Our students can adapt easily to a range of weapons and arts, and have the core skills necessary to excel in their chosen disciplines.

Each two-hour Valkyrie Core class follows the same format:

  • warmup and workout (30 mins): gymnastic, plyometric, and movement-based strength training to give you the power and mobility you need to fight your best
  • unarmed lesson (30 mins): technical instruction in our striking and grappling arts, with an eye towards building general fighting capability and moving smoothly between contexts
  • break (10 mins)
  • swordplay lesson (50 mins): technical rapier instruction, including slow free play and sparring

There's always time for more sparring after class, and students are welcome to come and watch classes any time we are in session.


Our boxing system takes a mixed martial arts approach that combines techniques from a range of striking arts, including modern boxing, Muay Thai, karate, and Savate. Boxing lessons focus on hand, foot, and elbow striking drills that develop footwork, timing, and tactical thinking. You will learn a range of strikes and defenses that can be used on their own or together with swordplay and wrestling, and will work through tactical drills that develop your natural flinch reactions into effective attack responses that let you defend yourself inside and outside the sparring ring.


Our wrestling system draws from historical Medieval and Classical styles, as well as modern sport wrestling, catch wrestling, and military and self-defense techniques. Classes mix technical lessons in standing wrestling and ground work with deep movement and sparring drills. You will develop power and stamina, and learn to deal effectively with a range of opponents and fighting styles. Many of our grappling techniques can be used to supplement boxing and fencing work, and you will become comfortable with transitioning from one fighting method to another without losing control of the fight.


Our primary fencing weapon is the rapier, and our methods draw from Italian and Spanish historical manuals (most prominently the works of Achille Marozzo and the Spanish Destreza system of swordplay), as well as classical and modern fencing. Our lessons are designed to refine your precision, footwork, and breadth and depth of tactical understanding in swordplay, and give you a broad body of technique to draw from in building your own fencing style. Footwork lessons are often supplemented by knife work, and all of our classes include ample sparring time for you to develop your combative skills.

Power Class

Saturday's class is a little different, and is designed to dramatically improve your strength and power generation, and give you the muscular support you need to fight your best. Each two-hour class starts with an hour long gymnastic workout to build shoulder and core strength and stability. We follow up with weapon work that complements the rapier lessons of the week. Power classes are also immediately followed by our free Community Sparring sessions, so you can spend the whole first half of your Saturday playing with martial arts material!

Valkyrie Core is open to all students who have completed our Valkyrie Base intro course, or have been cleared for participation by a senior instructor. For our full schedule of classes (including workshops and other special courses), please check our calendar. Your first class is always free -- just contact us to book your drop-in, or sign up below!

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