Valkyrie Core

Boxing, Wrestling, and Fencing

The Program

Valkyrie Core is our main adult recreational martial arts program. It's designed to build well-rounded fighters who are proficient in the three fundamental fighting domains: grappling, striking, and weapon work. You will build a strong foundation in the mechanics, tactics, and philosophy of Western Martial Arts, and get the ongoing training you need to excel in combat while dramatically improving your overall fitness. We believe that good body mechanics and balanced strength are essential to injury prevention and training longevity; that the best fighters are not the ones who know the most techniques, but the ones who can make what they know work in any context; and that everyone learns best when they are having fun. Our training emphasizes adaptability, play, and dynamic problem-solving.


Our grappling draws from historical Medieval and Classical styles, as well as modern sport wrestling, catch wrestling, and military and self defense techniques. Lessons cover both standing wrestling and ground work, and run the gamut from deep movement exploration to sparring. You will develop power and stamina, and learn how to breathe, think, and fight back effectively under pressure. Our focus is on combat and self defense applications, rather than competitive sport, and we regularly play with integrating striking, physical cheats, and even weapon work into our grappling play. You will have the opportunity to work with partners of all genders and sizes, and will learn how to problem-solve your way out of both symmetrical and very asymmetric situations.


Our striking draw its techniques from modern boxing, Muay Thai, karate, Savate, and other less well-known striking systems. Lessons focus on hand, foot, elbow, and knee striking drills that develop footwork, timing, and tactical thinking. You'll learn how to hit with power, how to maintain your balance and move smoothly under pressure, and how to turn your natural flinch reactions into effective attack responses. Our striking techniques can be adapted equally well to friendly sparring and to self defense, and we make sure to give students the opportunity to explore both contexts. The majority of our striking is done bare-handed or with very light protection (MMA gloves or similar) to allow for easy transitions between tactics. Private lessons and workshops on specific styles such as boxing are available for students who are interested in specializing.


Our primary weapon is the rapier, and our core tactical tools are drawn equally from Italian and Spanish historical manuals (most prominently the works of Achille Marozzo and Luis Díaz de Viedma), and classical fencing. Our lessons are divided between building an effective and varied technical toolkit, and learning to apply it to solve a broad range of combat challenges. You will learn how to move fluidly and efficiently, how to deal effectively with your opponent's body and mind, and how to read and control the entire combat encounter. You will also become familiar with the use of the dagger and off-hand rapier, and will learn to apply our swordplay principles to the arts of knife and cane fighting. Sparring is an essential part of all of our swordplay practice, and will occasionally integrate grappling and unarmed striking. Armour is generally quite light, and we emphasize self-control and awareness as our primary safety tools.

Valkyrie Core is open to all adult students (16+) who have completed our Valkyrie Base intro course, or have been cleared for participation by a senior instructor. Free trials are available four days per week, and no prior experience is required!



All of our ongoing classes can be accessed with a one-time drop-in fee of $35/class, or using our flexible credit system. One credit gets you 1 full-length group class, 2 hours of workshop time, or 30 mins of private instruction. They can be purchased in bulk packages for greater savings, and monthly payment plans are available. Credits never expire, and can be shared with other members. You'll only spend them when you actually attend class, so you won't lose money just because you couldn't make it in one night. If you go on a trip or work gets away from you for a few months, your credits will be waiting for you when you get back. To learn more about our credit system and view package pricing, follow the link below.

Monday - Thursday, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
1 credit/$35 drop-in

Our main ongoing classes. Each one covers all three of our fighting domains and includes a substantial physical conditioning component. Every evening's class is taught by a different coaching team, and will feature their own unique perspective on the week's material. Weekly attendance is recommended for students who want a fun way to get active and stay fit, and who don't mind progressing gradually. Students with a stronger focus on technical improvement or who want to see substantial fitness and strength gains should aim to attend at least twice per week.

Each two-hour Valkyrie Core class follows the same format:

  • warmup and workout (30 mins): gymnastic, plyometric, and movement-based strength training and conditioning
  • unarmed lesson (30 mins): technical instruction in our striking and grappling arts, with an emphasis on moving smoothly between contexts
  • break (10 mins)
  • swordplay lesson (50 mins): technical rapier instruction, including slow free play and sparring

Saturday, 10:00am - 12:00pm
1 credit/$35 drop-in

Start your weekend off right with an extra dose of exercise! Power Class is designed to dramatically improve your strength and power generation, and give you the muscular support you need to fight your best. Each two-hour class starts with an hour-long gymnastic workout to build full-body strength and stability. This is followed by weapon work that uses knife, cane, and mixed-weapon practice to explore the swordplay lessons of the week. You'll get a different perspective on the fighting principles covered in Monday - Thursday's Core classes, and a chance to get proficient with our less common weapons. Power class is also immediately followed by our free Community Sparring block -- so why not spend your whole Saturday playing with other martial artists?

Friday, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
1 credit/$35 drop-in

Can't get enough of unarmed sparring? Need more workout inspiration? This two-hour conditioning block combines coached sparring with a strength-building workout. Sparring and strength training run in parrallel, with students free to switch between one and the other, spend an hour in each segment, or devote the entire block to just sparring, or just working out.

In the sparring segment, you can work on your striking and grappling skills in a fast-paced and friendly environment. Get coach feedback on your sparring as you play with a variety of opponents in contexts that run the gamut from sport boxing to self defense. No detailed technical instruction; just lots of fighting and feedback. Each session is shaped by the students in attendance, and the coaches will work with you to work on the things you want to improve most. Contact levels vary, and mouthguards are strongly recommended. Loaner wraps, gloves, shin guards, and headgear are available at the school, and participants are welcome to bring their own protective equipment.

The workout segment focuses exclusively on building strength through a mix of gymnastic ring work, kettlebells and free weights, and resistance training. Get your sweat on in a fun group setting where your coaches will be working just as hard as you are. All workouts can be adapted to a range of fitness levels and physical abilities, and no prior training is required to join in.

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