Rates and Registration

Signing up for classes with us is easy! Whether you're looking for a long-term training program or a quick introduction to a new martial art, our credit system offers flexible payment options that put your needs first.

It's simple: 1 credit can be redeemed for 1 group class, 30 minutes of private instruction, or 2 hours of workshop time. Your credits never expire, can be transferred or shared with other students, and can be spent whenever and however you'd like. You can buy a single credit to drop in, or pre-purchase bundles of credits at increasing discounts as you buy more at once. You can jump right into a credit package and use it to cover your introductory lessons and ongoing classes, or dip your toe in with a free trial and brief intro course.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Come in for a free trial! We offer free, introductory trial classes 4 days a week. Get a two-hour introduction to our martial arts and fitness program, and see if Valkyrie is right for you at no cost, and with no commitment.

Step 2: Sign up for Valkyrie Base. Our 4-class intro course will give you the foundation in boxing, wrestling, fencing, and fitness that you'll need to participate in our regular classes. You'll learn the basics of wielding a sword, learn how to throw a punch and handle a grapple, and start building the tactical senses that will help you succeed in a fight -- all in a low-pressure small group environment.

The class schedule is flexible and we run sessions 4 days per week, so you can work through the program at your own pace. Get 8 hours of focused, beginner-friendly instruction for only $120 (or 4 credits), and start your martial arts journey with us!

Step 3: Get into our ongoing classes. Ready to join our main Valkyrie Core program? You can drop in any time you'd like for $40/1 credit. If you're planning to attend regularly, our credit packages will give you a lot more value for you money. Just choose your favorite option from the lists below, and start training your way, on your schedule. With classes 6 days per week and the option of group and private instruction on a range of topics, we'll help you build a training program that works for you.

Single Payment Package

No contract, no commitment. Get all the credits you need in a single purchase, and spend them however and whenever you'd like.

  • 8-Credit Package: $300
  • ~ 1 month @ 2 classes/week, $37.50/credit

  • 24-Credit Package: $840
  • ~ 3 months @ 2 classes/week, $35/credit

  • 48-Credit Package: $1440
  • ~ 6 months @ 2 classes/week, $30/credit

  • 96-Credit Package: $2400
  • ~ 12 months @ 2 classes/week, $25/credit


Monthly Payment Package

Manageable monthly payments. Take advantage of the lower per-credit price of a package, and spread your payments out over a few months to better fit your budget. We'll automate everything, so you never have to worry about forgetting a payment. You'll still get all of your credits up front, and can spend them at a pace that makes sense to you.

  • 12-Credit Plan: $150/month
  • Monthly payments for 3 months

  • 96-Credit Plan: $200/month
  • Monthly payments for 12 months

We are committed to making our training available to as many students as possible, regardless of income. If financial pressure is all that prevents you from joining our program, make sure to check out our accessibility section for sponsorship and support options, or contact us. We'll work with you to help make martial arts training a valuable part of your life, and not a strain on your wallet.

Valkyrie WMAA also offers a 10% discount to all City of Vancouver employees, and to all police, fire, and ambulance service personnel. Thank you for your service!

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