Along with our accessibility initiatives for low-income students, Valkyrie WMAA is happy to offer ongoing discounts to members of our community who belong to the following groups:

City of Vancouver Employees

City of Vancouver logo

Are you an employee of the City of Vancouver (including the Vancouver Public Library and Vancouver Police Department)? Enjoy 10% off all credit packages and the Valkyrie Base program. Just get your coupon code from our listing on the City of Vancouver intranet, and enter it when you sign up for your package or program. Don't have access to the intranet right now? Just contact us with proof of employment to get your coupon code. This discount cannot be combined with any other offer.

First Responders

Logos of BC Ambulance Service, Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver Fire Rescue Services

Members of all police, fire rescue, and ambulance services (inside or outside of BC) receive a 10% discount on all credit packages and workshops, as well as the Valkyrie Base program. Just sign up with coupon code "1STRESPONDER". You will be asked to provide identification on your first visit to confirm your discount. Please note that this discount cannot be combined with any other offers, including Fit City.

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