Sliding Scale Drop-Ins are Here!

Happy New Year, friends! As part of our ongoing commitment to making training at Valkyrie accessible to as many people as possible, we’ve expanded our sliding scale pricing to cover drop-ins for all of our ongoing classes.

Here’s how it works: if you don’t already have a punch card or unlimited plan and you try to sign up for a class, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a membership.

You can select any of the three drop-in options — accessible, standard, or generous — in order to attend a single class of your choice.

The “standard” rate reflects our regular pricing, while the “accessible” rate is meant to facilitate attendance for low-income students who don’t want to rely on our community credit pool, or to help folks through a rough patch. The “generous” rate allows students to subsidize attendance for lower-income members of our community, and helps make discounted rates possible.

You can always pay whichever rate makes sense to you that day, and will never be hassled or questioned about your ability to pay.

We’re very grateful to our students and community members who have made our workshop sliding scale pricing such a success, and have made it possible to expand this model to our drop-in rates. You make Valkyrie awesome, and we are so excited to be heading into 2020 with you!

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