Summer Guest Instructors

This July and August, we’re very excited to be hosting workshops with two excellent guest instructors.

John Knife Square

Cst. John Irving is a long-standing friend and student of Valkyrie WMAA. In his 25 years of service as a police officer and over a decade as a Use of Force Instructor John has created and run tactical training programs for public safety and law enforcement agencies across the country. He designed the Spontaneous Assault and Edged Weapons Defense system, which is now used in police academies around the world, and has been an integral part of training local law enforcement officers. John is a TASER Master Instructor, advanced Pistol instructor, Crisis Intervention and De-escalation Instructor, and Tactical Police Performance Instructor.

John will be teaching a two-day knife combat intensive workshop on July 23rd-24th. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to focus on building up your sparring skills and bringing realism into your training using the unique Shocknife training tool. The workshop is now over half-full, and is highly recommended for all martial artists for whom edged-weapon work is a major interest.

CMansfield Square

Conlan Mansfield is a recent addition to our community, but well-established in East Vancouver. Conlan is an independent strength and conditioning coach, and has taught across the Pacific Northwest for the past six years. He has worked with professional athletes, full-time parents, and inner-city youth. He loves building strength and inspiring others to do the same, and uses gymnastics, body-weight training, and exploratory movement to help his students get the most out of their bodies.

Conlan will be teaching a strength-training workshop on August 6th, exploring how to build explosive leg power for fencing. This is a great chance to get started building your own supplementary training routine, or give yourself a power boost for future competition.

We’re looking forward to introducing our students to all John and Conlan have to offer, and hope to bring many more guests from our broader community in to Valkyrie in the future. If you’re a local martial arts or fitness instructor and want to share your skills in our space, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss a future collaboration.

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