Classes are Going Remote!

A rapier lesson via Skype

The COVID-19 outbreak is continuing to affect our city, and the provincial health authority has stepped up its public health measures. As swimming pools, fitness centres, and other group facilities temporarily close across Vancouver, it’s time for us to follow suit. All in-person classes are cancelled from March 17th until March 29th (for the next two weeks). In their place, we will be running remote lessons via the Zoom video conferencing app. You’ll be able…

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2019 Holiday Hours

Happy holidays, from the VWMAA team!

It’s the end of the year, and everyone’s schedules are getting exciting! Valkyrie will be open for most of December, with the following exceptions: Sunday, December 22: Closed – Tuesday, December 24: Closed – Wednesday, December 25: Closed – Friday, December 27: no Kunst Des Funkelns – Sunday, December 29: Closed – Tuesday, December 31: Closed – Wednesday, January 1: no classes; join us instead for our traditional New Year’s day sparring and hangover time…

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Everything you need to know about Big Gay Sword Day

The instructors of Big Gay Sword Day

Our next major event is almost here! Read on to find out all you need to know about Big Gay Sword Day, coming up on November 3rd, 2018. BGSD is a showcase of four up-and-coming queer instructors in the Pacific Northwest, and features swordplay, mindset, body mechanics, and communication workshops for students of all levels.

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Introducing: NOTsquatch


The schedule for this year’s Swordsquatch event is packed to the gills with amazing programming. Overstuffed, even. With so much to fit on the roster, it was inevitable that some super great workshops would have to be left out. The bad news is that you won’t be seeing them in Seattle this September; the good news is that you can see them in Vancouver this July instead! NOTsquatch is a celebration of the PNW swordplay community spirit that Swordsquatch embodies, and a showcase of some excellent workshops that you won’t be seeing at that event, from instructors that you will. It’s also a not-for-profit fundraiser, and all proceeds will be used to help send low-income members of the Valkyrie WMAA community to Swordsquatch.

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