Big Gay Sword Day was a big gay success!

Last Saturday, 18 students and 4 instructors came together at Valkyrie WMAA for our very first Big Gay Sword Day. This one-day event was designed to celebrate LBGT people in the HEMA community. All of the workshops were taught by queer instructors, and the event was open to everyone while centering LGBT experiences in martial arts. It was an absolute blast! Our attendees traveled from as far as Seattle to come to this event, and came from a broad range of backgrounds and experience levels — from fighters who’ve been at this for a decade or more, to folks who picked up a sword for the very first time in one of the day’s workshops.

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After Orlando

The Pride flag that hangs in our window

Orlando, FL, is most of a continent away from our Vancouver school, but many of us in the Valkyrie WMAA community felt the impact of the horrific shooting at Pulse nightclub on Sunday. After a day of newscasts, new details on the victims and location, and a social media outpouring of grief and anger and fear, we’ve had a chance to reflect on our own role in healing after this attack on a prominent LGBT safe space.

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