Valkyrie Rapier Open III : That’s a Wrap!

Our third Valkyrie Rapier Open tournament offered an exciting twist on our established format. Not only did we add a new category for top-level fighters, but we also mixed up targeting rules to challenge everyone, and offer our junior fighters a chance for more fights. We had 20 fighters from across the Lower Mainland mixing it up all day and saw some nail-bitingly close matches. Two categories were settled by tie-breaker fights, and everyone left satisfied. Congratulations to our winners!

  • Category 1 and Overall: Jason Homfeld (SCA)
  • Category 2: Vincent Chiu (Valkyrie WMAA)
  • Category 3: Philip Persad (Valkyrie WMAA)
  • Category 4: Taber Smit (Valkyrie WMAA)

We were fortunate to have five excellent sponsors this event, including Swordsquatch (which gave each category winner a one-day pass to their awesome event!), Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay, Storm Crow Tavern and Alehouse, The Licorice Parlour, and Starlit Citadel. To get a taste of the fun, check out our image gallery!

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