Violence Dynamics Vancouver: An Introduction

Early-bird registration for Violence Dynamics Vancouver 2017 is now open, with 20% off all passes if you sign up before August 1st! But just what is Violence Dynamics, and why are we so excited about it?

Violence Dynamics Vancouver 2017 Instructor Team

The Violence Dynamics Seminar was created in 2010 by self-defense instructors Kasey Keckeisen, Rory Miller, and Marc MacYoung, and was first hosted at Kasey’s martial arts school in Minnesota. It’s grown into a traveling series of events that combine the talents of the Violence Dynamics teaching crew and local instructors to dig deep into the study of violence. The core Violence Dynamics classes form the foundation of every seminar. They cover how and why violence happens, how to recognize and defuse potentially dangerous situations, and how to out-think and out-fight an opponent set on doing you harm. In addition to the 7 fundamental classes, each event adds a broad range of lessons from guest instructors and locals that cover everything from specific physical and verbal self defense skills to emergency first aid, decision-making, tool selection and use, and the psychology of violence.

Violence Dynamics Vancouver brings four Violence Dynamics instructors to our city for the first time on December 1st-3rd. We’ll be hosting Rory Miller, Kasey Keckeisen, Tammy Yard-McCracken, and Randy King. They will be joined by Scott Dineen of Primary Care First Aid, Sgt. Toby Hinton and Cst. John Irving of the Vancouver Police Department’s Force Options Training Unit, and Valkyrie’s own Courtney Rice, Kaja Sadowski, and David R. Packer. For three full days, you’ll have the chance to attend lectures, hands-on classes, and even private lessons with our amazing team of 10 instructors. In addition to the main lesson track, there’ll be lunchtime and post-seminar activities for attendees, a free community lecture, and an ongoing skills competition with great prizes. Think of it as a weekend-long festival of all things self defense!

Violence Dynamics is for everyone — whether you’re a Use of Force professional, a martial artist, or a newcomer to the world of self defense, you’ll get an enormous amount of value out of the weekend’s material. Choose from advanced or entry-level courses, and a range of ticket options that let you tailor your experience to your budget and schedule. Event registration is open now, and single course sign-ups will open September 1st.

If you’d like to learn more, head over to our main Violence Dynamics page for a full course listing, instructor bios, location info, and FAQ. Once you’re ready to sign up, click the button below and use coupon code THEWORM to get our Early Bird pricing!

  • 3-day pass: $550 $440 until July 31st
  • 2-day pass: $400 $320 until July 31st
  • 1-day pass: $250 $200 until July 31st

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