It’s kinda nice living in a house full of swords. A kind of oddly comforting nice. No worries about a zombie apocalypse when you’ve got three nice sharp winged spears lying around. And always something to play with when you just feel like thinking. It’s good to have a sword at hand. Helps with the writing.

Great class last night. Miserable weather, cold and wet. We’ve given up a class a week for the last few weeks in order to provide rehearsal space for an upcoming performance, and have taken the opportunity to grab some outdoor classes. We’ve hit the weather lotto for all of them so far. No rain in Vancouver is a pretty rare thing. It caught up to us last night. It wasn’t a bad thing.

Working out in the rain is a special thing. When you stand around and wait to start, it’s pretty horrible. If all you do is think about how wet it’s going to be, it sucks. The moment itself is rarely bad…a few rain drops hitting you is no big deal, but the thought of all the rain drops to come is pretty overwhelming. It’s easier when the class starts. When you are focussed on moving and performing at your best, you don’t have time to care about paltry things like a downpour. It’s a minor concern at best.

The best part of training in the rain is the moment when everyone accepts that they are soaked, and just embraces it. It hit us when we were working unarmed drills…crazy grins all around, the energy level shot right up, and we all got really, really silly. It was a real burner of a class. We covered a lot of material and worked very hard, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell it from us. As far as we could tell, we were just kids playing in the park and having fun.

I’m not sure of the exact date, but in the next week or two, all of our Saturday classes will be outdoors for the summer, or at least until the weather changes…might be September or October, who can tell? We’ll have park workouts, beach workouts, maybe some mountain workouts with a hike thrown in, maybe a weekend camping trip. Dunno yet, but I know I’m not afraid of the rain anymore.