I’ve been wrestling with a few production things on this blog for the last bit, and a few things have come up. I love writing these posts, but they do take a big chunk of my morning writing time. I need to reclaim some of that time for other writing projects. What I’m planning right now is a transition to a three-a-week posting schedule. It will likely be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing.  Eventually it will be less.

Blogs seem to have this pathetic lifespan that starts big, and then tapers off into a mousetail of sporadic posts that usually start with “gosh, I should really update more often…” I’m not going to do that. I still have a lot to write about, but the thematic focus I had when I started is finite. I can only write so much without going off-topic. I’m going to put a finite lifespan on this blog. There will be a last post. I’ll announce it ahead of time, but it will come. And now that I know it’s coming, I’m now forced to make every effort to ensure that I get out everything I want to say.

It won’t be the end of the site, though. I know people come here regularly for a daily read, and I am committed to providing that. Other voices will start to provide that reading material, though…and if the plans work out, there may be much more content in general for you to read. I have a bit of a vision for the future of this website, and I’ll be sharing that in the coming weeks. The look of the website might change a bit, although I promise to keep readability as the main focus.

I’m absolutely looking for writers to contribute. If you are interested, drop me a line. I’m really interested in hosting regular columns by people who have a journalistic knack for story…community based stories. Martial arts…Boxing, Wrestling, and Fencing, Western or Eastern…is full of great people doing fascinating things. The scholars and technicians have blogs and forums, but there is very little out there for the practitioner who just trains…very little for our stories, for our daily triumphs, failures, worries and wonders. Journalism should be the art of using stories to build community, to ask the questions that should be asked, and to share the news that needs to be known.

If you want to share some of those stories, if you want to give voice to the community around you, write me at david@boxwrestlefence.com. All you have to do is click the “Contact” link up above, on the top right hand corner. Go ahead, I’ll wait.