Been sick for over a week. Missed a lot of work, which is going to suck when the next payday arrives. But at least I’ve managed to catchup on my rest and recharge time, which means writing is back to being a nice and easy thing.

Being sick last night, I had to rely on the head Valkyries (Squeak and She-Hulk) to help out with the teaching. It didn’t work out the way I expected, but it did work out the way I had planned.

We’ve been working through a lot of Maija’s drills lately. They’ve been very valuable to us, and each session keeps revealing new depths that work with our system quite well.

The usual process is that I demonstrate the drill, talk about the focus of it for today, and then everyone practices while I watch and correct. If the numbers work out, then I am lucky and can partner with someone and get a little practice in myself.

Being sick, I chatted with Squeak first about one of the drills. Talked about how it should be done, what kind of result we wanted from the students, and what add-ons would follow. Then I let her take the lead while I sat off to the side.

I got a bit restless. Things were going just fine, and I wasn’t needed. And I hate being the guy the sits on the sidelines. So I wandered over to the back of the class for a bit and watched. And then decided to join in.

It’s easy to pop into student mode. Just listen to what the instructor says, and do the drill. Put your mind deep into the movements, listen for all the small corrections you need to make. Sure, I knew the drill. I’d done it hundreds of times before. Didn’t mean there wasn’t still a thousand things I wanted to fix.

It was peaceful and relaxing to let someone else do the driving for a while. It was great to be selfish and focus on my own learning for a bit.

The intent behind Valkyrie being an Assembly and not a school or club or even guild was that we would eventually become a bit of a collective. The system itself and the calendar dictate progression, and it is self-sustaining. I appreciate leadership that is productive, and despise leadership that exists only to serve itself. Valkyrie is meant to be a place were the best can join together and learn from each other.

It should be a place where the best look forward to the opportunity to be students, and embrace the responsibility of teaching as an opportunity to create their own future leaders. It will take us a while to get there, but we are on the way.

A handful or two of weeks, give or take, and we will be looking at opening the doors to our new school. Grand opening should follow shortly after that. I think I’m starting to get excited.