Fantastic first class. It’s a crazy feeling, starting out a new martial school and being in the black from day one. Our host location is fantastic, making us feel very welcome. It was great having a raft of new students to introduce the material too, and having enough old hands around to make things go a little more smoothly than they could have.

It took a little longer than I expected to get the run-through done, and we didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped. I did plan for a lot of catchup in the first two classes, and we did indeed do a lot. Most of our time was spent working out and covering the 5×5 drill. We used to do it in 10 minutes, and it took us 45 last night…but Tyler reminded me that the first time I tried to teach it, it took almost 2 hours. We wound up doing almost nothing but for a few classes, and it was months before we got the smooth proficiency in place. Which I guess means this group is full of fast learners.

The extended 5×5 time meant we only got to touch briefly on the rapier material, but what I saw made me very hopeful. The drill-based teaching should work out very well, but will require a few hours prep time from me before each class. My idea of teaching core mechanics by combining specific footwork with attacks should work out extremely well. A few more classes will tell me if the built-in self-corrections are working.

Next class, more workout, more 5×5’s, more rapier…and some sparring. And more beer! Jordan found us a great pub with lovely atmosphere within walking distance of the class. They had a great selection of brews, and monday they have a sale on single malts. Seems like the kind of place that needs an influx of sweaty fencers.

I’m not sore today. Not at all. Maybe a little. In a few spots. Everywhere…