I’m in the mood for some feedback this morning. I’m still a little sick, but feeling a lot better. An online conversation this morning got me thinking about my rapier. I love this blade. Chris Moone did the furniture on it, around a Del Tin bated rapier blade. He’s been fighting me for years, and paying close attention to how I fight. He noted the ways in which other handle types were not working for me, and incorporated some features that worked with the strengths of my fighting style.

You know a blade is perfect for you when it seems to disappear in your hand, and anyone else who picks it up instantly hates it. I absolutely love this blade. It’s changing my fight game in ways I don’t even know yet.

Over the years I’ve owned a lot of blades. I’ve used a dog-food bowl fiberglass simulator. I’ve used a lot of hanwei stock rapiers. I’ve owned three different Del Tin blades, all mounted with different hardware. I’ve handled hundreds of other swords. I’ve noticed people either love or hate their personal sword…but most people love them.

Tell me about your sword. What is it about your favorite sparring sword that you love, or hate? Sadly, WordPress seems to make it tricky to upload photos in comments, but feel free to link to pictures.

What’s the story of your sword?