Made it over the first major hurdle in getting the new classes started: I found a location! It seems to be a constant in my life…I do the methodical work and get no results, and then on the spur of a moment go out to an event and make the connection I need. My friends and family seem to come through for me more than my own efforts do. I’m always grateful when things work out, and I never forget how much I owe the people who have supported me.

The new location will be at One Thousand Rivers Academy of Arts and Learning, located at 54 E 4th Ave in Vancouver. It’s two blocks from Main street. I walked it in ten minutes from the Olympic Village skytrain station, it’s slightly less of a walk from the Main station. If you’ve taken my classes before you know that the walk is the smart way to go, to give you that little extra warmup. If you really want to be lazy, there appears to be a ton of street parking at night.

Our first class will start on Dec 3rd, a Monday. Ongoing classes will be Monday and Thursday nights, and each class will be two hours long. Yes, we will take a break for the week of Christmas, and New Years eve. We are still working out pricing, and are keeping in mind the current economic situation. We’d like everybody to be able to afford taking two classes a week. We might also offer the workout-only option again if people are interested.

The class format will follow the one we developed in SCG:

15 minutes sprint and bodyweight strength work

15 minutes movement and agility work

10 minutes 2×2 drill

20 minutes 5×5 drill

2 minute mandatory feeding break

30 minutes rapier drill

finish with sparring, one-on-one work or “special” drills.

We will be making monsters and giant-killers with this program. Gonna shake the pillars of heaven, to quote Jack Burton…

Next steps are to finish up the branding, get a new website up, get some marketing started, let all my old students know what’s up, and start some fundraising.

We need money for the first year’s insurance, and it’s not cheap, so we are asking for help with this. We’ll be putting an Indiegogo page up in the next day or two, and looking for your contributions.

I’m just putting together some perks now, so…any requests? Or suggestions?