Short post today, because man, is it lovely and sunny out.

Courtney and I hopped on the bikes, and spent five hours roaming around Granville Island and environs. Delicious double-butter croissants, peaberry coffee done by someone who really knows how to drive a Clover, and a few indulgent treats from Chocolate Arts.

Swordplay is an absolute bear on the joints. Moving a chunk of metal at maximum speed and changing its path in less than an eyeblink? It’s a specialist sport. If you do nothing but swordplay, you will be in a world of hurt. You need to do other things to balance your body out.

I sometimes say I’m not a fan of weights, but that’s not true. I love to move heavy iron. But I don’t think sitting down, moving things in a limited plane of motion, is a really ideal workout choice. I think exercise should be playful. Getting good at a sport is a level beyond play. It can turn into work. You don’t need more work.

I like gymnastics. Cartwheels and handstands have particular value to swordsmen and swordswomen, who often have unbelievably tight shoulders. Cycling is good for the same reasons. I think the MovNat guys are brilliant, and I wish I could afford their upcoming workshop in Vancouver. If any of you can afford the reasonable rate, I highly recommend it.

Other martial arts are also great. Taiji has far more value than you think it does. Capoeira fits the exercise and fun criteria beautifully.

Or you could go play frisbee. Go hit the swings and try to keep up with the five year olds. Ever notice that the kids scream and yell and go nuts when they have free time to do what they want…but adults try to sit quietly and do nothing? Why? Rehearsing for death I guess.

It’s the weekend. Get out and move.