It was a late start today. We all overslept a little. After puttering about and getting out of the house, we all arrived at Valkyrie about Noon. By the time we close up after class, it means the three of us will spend about 10 hours at the school today. That’s not bad. A light day.

That’s also 30 person hours a day of work being done here at the school. Over 500 hours a month on the lowest possible amount of work.

A big chunk of that is business work. Paying bills, corresponding with people that want money — mostly the government at this phase, since we are a new business and trying to get started right. We also have to plan how we are going to spend money in the coming weeks and months, and try to balance out income and expenses and figure out what we need, want, or can do without.

We also teach classes, but that’s the easy public part and also the really fun part. Doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s what we love and why we do this.

The heavy work is the martial work.

The last six months have been just construction/dealing with the city, but now that we are up and in motion? It’s our chance to do the work we need to do to make this the best school we can.

That starts with the coaching staff. I’ve got over 35 years of martial arts training. That should be evidence enough that I’m not content to just learn something and then leave it be. All of us here feel the same. It’s not just important for us to learn new things and improve; it’s who we are at our cores.

This week we’ve started Instructor Pre-hab sessions. We take a break from our desk work and spend an hour or so doing bodywork: alignment, stretching, foam rolling and general movement work. It’s the sort of thing we never have time for in class, and most students don’t need on a daily basis — unless they also work out five or more times a week.

Guido Caporizzi has been coming in to teach us Savate. It’s an excellent balance to our other martial arts training, and a lot of fun. We are hoping in the new year Guido will be adding in Canne Italiana, and offering his classes to a wider group of people at more times.

We’ve got a wall full of weapons of all kinds, and a bookshelf full of martial art book and historical fencing manuals. We’ll be spending more and more time working through the wealth of material, and developing new drills to add to class.

It’s an ongoing process, and we will be making the effort to share more of the background work that goes into making our classes unique. Keep checking in, and see how we do it.