Teaching rapier

Got little writing done last night, or the night before. Just a ton of things on my mind, and no ability to claim my liminal space. Last night was more things to occupy my mind.

Still cracking away, plans still coming, but not quite hitting my goals. I think it works best for me to set easy goals I can constantly succeed at, but even in that there is always going to be room for crap days. It was nice to review the project management stuff and be reminded that shit happens is just normal, and not a result of personal failure.

Days don't need to align in perfection for the things you want to happen. Make plans for what you're going to do when things are just shit. That's a thing I still need to work on, planning for failure. I suppose in my case, that would mean having an alternate writing project, or research project, that has some trackable goal that I can switch to.

That external accountability helps me emotionally to be more productive. I have to have a little checkbox or habit that I do when I complete anything, some record of it, or it eventually fades into nothingness.

One thing that is working for me is switching to a second track of how many days in a row I write, besides word counts. So I only hit 200 words last night, but it was also 13 days in a row of writing. I track my daily word counts in a spreadsheet, but I also keep a days-in-a-row tally in my Hobonichi.

I think I might keep track of my over/under performance too...sort of a buffer count, so I know when I can slack a little without being hard on myself, and when I'm paying myself forward.

One thing that is working well for me is the ProwritingAid software. It was very expensive, but I was able to get it covered through work. The idea was to use it cut down editting time, but the big benefit I'm realizing currently is that I need to spend less time worrying about editting my one brief writings, like this. My normal social media post style has a ton of spelling and grammar errors that I usually only notice later, and have to tear through later in a panic to fix. Having them fixed on the fly (or at least highlighted) helps me relax a little more, and have more confidence in my writing.

Randy Packer

Randy Packer