Nice busy class last night, with a full floor. New faces and lots of old faces coming by, a real blast from the past. It was a great class, and an excellent way to wrap up the first phase of Valkyrie. Our little incubation period is over, and now the real growth starts.

We’d been muttering amongst our selves for some time about feeling like we were all improving as fighters, but we kept running into that wall of only testing ourselves against each other. No matter how hard you train, in the end that will kill you as a fighter. We got the proof of that last night. It was great!

Wrapped up class with a half hour of solid fighting, and we all had fun getting used to each other. Finished with a bearpit..I managed a short run, Squeak managed a long run, most people seemed to get a small run of their own going. Lots and lots of new things for us to drill on.

My fears about integrating new people into class were wasted. As a school, we’ve developed enough confidence in what we do, and a smoothness in practice, that yesterdays crop of new students seemed to fit right in. I saw no difficulties, everyone caught up on what we were doing easily. Obviously there were differences in performance ability, but staggering things for different levels appeared to be straightforward. I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from the new students.

It’s going to be a great summer.