Back on the chain gang, get back on the horse, etc.

I love teaching one-on-one, working with people to get them to that next level…but I have to admit I am happiest yelling at a group of people. I like trying to be fitter, faster, stronger and better than an entire class of people, and I love failing because I made those people fitter, faster, stronger, and better than anyone they will ever meet.

So it’s time for me to start teaching regular classes again. Time to get together old and new students and make something awesome.

I’ve been hesitant to do this, and thrown up a lot of roadblocks for myself. It’s hard to face up to all your previous failures, and man up to all the reasons. It’s a good exercise for the ego. It’s healthy to see all the things your did wrong, and to acknowledge that some things just weren’t your fault at all. Doing that allows you to see and really appreciate the things you’ve done right.

Some things will change this time around. I’m going to be the only instructor, for one thing. The format of classes is going to be pretty locked in, and there will be a progression of levels for people to work through. Levels will be based strictly on performance metrics. One way to think of it is level one might be ten pushups, level two is twenty pushups. If you can do twenty pushups, you are level two. The levels will be a mix of fitness and martial tests…but I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.

Classes will start with thirty minutes of gymnastics and movement exercises. Animal sprints, bodyweight exercises, movement and flow exercises.

The next thirty minutes will be 2×2 unarmed combat drills, and the 5×5 drill. Wrestling drills will fit in here as well.

The last hour is going to be rapier work. To be clear here, I plan on doing little or no instruction in rapier. This hour will be filled with drills and skill work. Beginners will have easy drills, other students will have less easy drills… Sparring will be part of the skill work session. We will do other weapons from time to time, because. Hey, I love cane fighting. And sabre. And longsword.

I need some help to get this going. I need a location, and I’m not having a lot of luck. I need something close to a skytrain line, preferably the Canada line. It’s got to be a space of good size, available at least one night a week for two hours. If anyone knows of such an space, let me know!

I’m also going to need students, so if you are interested drop me a line as well. Rates will be as reasonable as I can possibly make them, and will mostly be enough to cover the rent, insurance and some equipment. Maybe goodies like t-shirts if people want them. Let me know what interests you!

I’m also going to fire up an Indiegogo campaign to cover upfront and major expenses…mostly insurance. Keep an eye open for that!