Ilkka Hartikainen posted this fun little clip on facebook today:

One of the steps of the 5×5 drill that students have an issue with is the first part of the fifth counter. This is a perfect example of how to perform that series. It’s only one way to interpret it, of course…but a good foundation to approach the practice from. It would also be an acceptable variant for the fifth of the fifth.

Sorry for the gibberish, those of you that haven’t trained in the 5×5. Each of the five flinches is used to respond to the five attacks, but each flinch has one variant that occurs once in the series. The flinches are classed as Pass, Block, Block and pass, Strike, and Grapple. Against the punching series of attacks, Block and pass becomes Block and strike. In the knife series of attacks, Strike becomes Disarm. These variants preserve the tempo of the drill when the 5×5’s matrix nature means a flinch and attack series are a little too similar to each other. Pass against Grapple doesn’t make a lot of sense, but Upset does, which is how I would class the video.

I can’t wait to teach this material again…if the Indiegogo campaign for the new school works out, I may start another to produce a video on the 5×5 drill. I’d love to see more people doing it. Although sometimes I think I’m better off keeping it a bit secret…