Finally got the Indiegogo page up. Feel free to click the click and show us some love. Feel even more free to show up for our first class on Dec 3rd, at 7pm.

Logo work is coming along. We’ve settled on a name, after a bit of a process. And I’ve worked out some initial typography and layout to get us pointed in the right direction.

I chose Valkyrie to reflect the modern usage of the word. It’s one of the few modern archetypes for women that starts with a sense of strength and ability. It can also have a layer of attractiveness on top without detracting from it’s strong origins. The WMA part is, I hope, self-explanatory. We settled on “Assembly” instead of guild or association or the like because of the connotations of coming together, of mutual interest and community. It’s a more informal word, reflecting what we hope will be an atmosphere more of a gathering of old and new friends than that of a fitness club or business. All though it will be a fitness club, and a business…and a school.

The Roman-esque font was chosen to reflect our classical values and the historic origin of our art…the Renaissance was a time of rebirth of Roman ideals, and we are part of a rebirth of Renaissance ideals. The layout lends a sense of boldness and drama, which is a reflection of me… And we liked that the initials, VWMAA, are kind of pointy because we really aren’t very serious people. Also it may lend itself to some interesting logo opportunities as we flesh things out.

Still a lot of things to do, and real life is still swamping us with work. We do some work on this project every day, no matter what, but it’s cutting into time for things like laundry, and writing blog posts! I can’t wait to get the school off the ground. I miss training hard, I miss the sweat and focus, the constant challenge, the fun and exhilaration. Only twelve more days until the first class!