Good Morning.

Back in the old days, knife sparring with Jordan. If you look carefully, you can see the Marozzo star and circle we had on the floor, modified with some of the lines from Spanish Destreza work.

900+ words written last night. And back to work today. Which makes this my first test of whether I can use my morning time to get a blog post done or not.

To recap, my morning routine is to get up two hours before work. The first hour is drinking coffee, hygiene, and a quick peruse of about a dozen things on the internet. Second hour is when I get a little prep for the day going. If I need to chill a little, I'll read a book, play a game on my phone, or a mission or two on Battletech. Courtney is still sleeping (or at least semi-napping while the cats stomp on her) so I try not to do anything to noisy. If I'm feeling ambitious, I might sit by work desk and do some handwriting. It's really only 45 minutes, because I like to start work fifteen minutes early.

I've always thought I could use this time more productively. If I can build in a process of posting and writing in the morning, that's an excellent use of my time. It also helps me build a better separation of my work-from-home life. When the pandemic started, working from home was ideal. But as the year(s???) passed, I noticed that the work portion occupied more and more of my day. Weekends were just a brief window of recovery. Evening was where I just sat on the couch and tried to wind down before sleep.

I started to try to intentionally wall in work. I realized I needed to actually plan for my time. I always write my work schedule down in my Hobonichi planner, but I did small things like compress the work schedule down so it only physically took up a quarter of the page. That was a reminder to me that most my day was NOT work (yes, privilege of no commute). Moving forward from there was to plan for how to use my non-work time in ways that are more beneficial and productive for what I want to do with my life.

It's not, so far, been much of actual blocking out of time as much as it has been blocking out that there are processes I want to complete each day. Get 600 words done. Make the bed. Dishes. Cat litter. Laundry. Dinner. Walk. Those don't have to get done in any set order, but my evening ticks along better if I do all of those things. Writing this in the morning is my first attempt at time-blocking for myself. Seems appropriate, as the next 8hrs are time-blocked by my employer. Might as well take advantage of that.

Writing plan for today is to introduce the next culture, and a bit of a clash. This will be my first chance to showcase a new martial arts style I developed for this culture. I have no idea how it's going to work out in the writing. Writing is a lot like reading. You have a sense of where something is going to go, but sometimes it's surprising.

Randy Packer

Randy Packer