Moving to three days a week training just might be the death of me. Judging from how I feel this morning, anyway. It’s not muscle soreness that’s the issue, it’s just fatigue. I could blame it on getting older, but that’s not the issue. Rarely is. Getting older isn’t a problem. What is a problem is that each habit you’ve picked up in your life starts to build up.

I’m wiped out because of 14 years of desk jobs. I’ve mostly gotten over that with the last few years of new training, and jobs that involve more walking, but there are still issues. I’m over most of the bad body alignment and posture issues, but it’s still “new muscle” holding everything in place. It’s still work to sit up right, to walk right. I have to remind myself to do things the right way, and every once in a while when tired, I find myself slipping back into old postures.

And I still have to deal with the results of all those years of bad eating. Excess body weight is one problem. Every little thing is just a smidge harder on the joints and guts when you’ve got extra. None of your internal systems work at their best when they are being squished by an extra layer. I’m committed to losing weight slowly (no diet, just slow regular changes of habit), so that’s just something I’m going to have to put up with for the next bit. But weight isn’t the real issue.

Good nutrition is much harder habit to pick up, and a real key thing for anyone working out heavily. A lifetime of bad nutrition leaves a lot of crap in the body…not “toxins,” anyone using that phrase is pouring bullshit in your ear…in the way of screwed up balancing mechanisms. My blood work is thankfully far on the good side, so I’m not worried about fat deposits in my blood stream. I am worried that my need for water is off, and I don’t process some things as well as I used to.

Fast food was a way of life when I was a desk jockey, and you pay for living that way. It’s a cast-iron bitch to learn that food is a thing that you need to plan for, that you need to prepare. It sucks to learn that you will get hungry and that the correct thing to do is not go and eat the hot greasy sweet food. It takes time to build up a habit of having good food at hand for when you need it. It also takes time to build up the habit of reminding yourself that not eating for a few hours or a day won’t kill you.

The hardest habit is eating enough nutritious food. I’m not talking about eating a salad instead of fries…I mean eating two or three salads a day in addition to everything else. It’s the right thing to do…our bodies love that amount of fiber. There is a reason we have those big flat grinder teeth in the back of our mouths, and it’s not because we were meant to eat all that easy-to-chew fat food. We need the physically bulky fiber in our diet.

And that’s the issue with most of the wear I’m feeling from working out. I’m not putting the right fuel in my body. I know I need the crunchy greens, but my brain does a good job of convincing me I need absolutely anything else. I’m not going to handle this pace of workout until I start adding the rabbit food, though. Just gotta man up and do it. And stop pouting about it. Harrumph.