Walking in the fog last night and trying out our new phone cameras

Only managed about 80 words last night, but for a reason.

Ran out of my diabetes meds yesterday. I knew it was coming. I have a Dr's appointment this morning to renew my prescription. It was the earliest one I could get, but it meant that I was going to have to go a few days without. My particular meds have a bit of a cumulative effect, so it meant I was only really looking at one full day without, which was yesterday.

So as is normal for me, I made an experiment. My blood sugar has been on a steady and pleasant downward curve since my diagnosis, and I changed three things when I was diagnosed: medication, diet, and exercise. I had a hunch, and absolutely following the popular mindset, that diet and exercise were doing most of the work.

I started out yesterday morning and afternoon eating no carbs. And my blood sugar was very low. Enough that I was keeping a regular eye on it. As a type 2 diabetic, low sugar isn't much of concern so I wasn't too worried. But feeling a little smug, I pushed it for dinner, and had a pleasant comfort-food meal. Toasted cheese sandwich and tomato soup! No desert, no sweets, just what would be a semi-normal meal.

That was a bad idea.

In 45 minutes, my blood sugar was the highest I'd ever recorded it, and it was still climbing. And I could feel it. For the last few months, I've been feeling great physically. With the blood sugar spiking, I was not feeling great. So, the one good solution for high blood sugar (not insulin for me, not yet), go for a long walk.

It helped. Blood sugar went down to being high instead of warning alarm high. It's been there ever since. I was in a foul mood and couldn't concentrate, so writing was a brutal drag. This morning I've woken up with a blinding headache and my blood pressure rising again. Blood sugar is still elevated, but not as bad.

Lesson learned. Medication controls my diabetes. Lifestyle helps, but meds are making the difference. Also, crazy to confirm how bad a few slices of bread and about a half-cup of milk's worth of carbs are for me. Can't wait to get my prescription refilled, and I'll talk to my doctor about getting a rolling prescription, since this is going to be a lifetime thing.

I have a few hours of work time this morning allotted to Professional Development, so I'll try to use some of that time to get some writing done today. But the brain needs the body to be in good kit to work, so we'll see.

Randy Packer

Randy Packer