Six Week Intro Class: June 30-Aug 04 Saturdays 10AM Locations TBA, $100/$150

Our first series of introductory classes will start June 30th. Classes will be an hour long. In these classes we will work on building a basic fitness platform for the next series of classes. Each class will consist of progressive workouts to build core strength, basic movement skills, and instruction in the 5X5 and 2×2 martial drill methods. The last class will be a fitness exam that students will need to pass in order to take further classes. Classes will be outdoor, rain or shine. A variety of Vancouver parks will be used, all will be chosen for ease of access by transit.

Cost is $100 for six sessions. If you sign up before June 25th, for an extra $50 you will also receive a basic nutrition coaching package consisting of a basic diet and body composition analysis and personalized nutrition recommendations. I usually charge $150 for this service, but honestly I think good nutrition is part of martial arts training, so I want to encourage it.

Show up in one of our t-shirt designs and get a free hug!

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No credit card?  No PayPal?  Just send us an e-mail at to let us know you’re coming and bring cash or a cheque on the first day.

Intro Class