Sexism confounds me. I suppose some degree of it is understandable in poorly educated pre-teens, but in adults? Confounding and irritating. Complementing a woman you aren’t very familiar with on her physique or “womanlyness” in whichever aspect catches your eye at the moment is the same thing as complementing the weather: Everyone can do it, but no one should ever think they are clever or endearing for doing so.

How hard is it to see people as people first before you start sticking them into categories? You know, for a walking pool of cells, you manage your bone structure really well! Congratulations on having a digestive tract. You’re a credit to collective organisms everywhere…not like that bitch Cheryl, she’s just a goddamned jellyfish with a spine stuck in. Like to see her try to take a step am I right?

Drives me insane in martial arts circles, and always will. That person in front of you is capable of a range of physical actions, and those actions are what matters, not “those actions because she’s a woman.” We can hear that there are strong woman and weak men a thousand times, but it just doesn’t seem to sink in for some people.

Not what I planned to post today, but I’m still trying to figure my earlier work starts. And I got a little grumpy so here we are. Lack of coffee and misogyny is a terrible way to start the day…