This morning is lazy, but only by special arrangement. The day is packed. I knew it would be, so I woke myself up a few hours early. I like to have an hour to myself in the morning, to eat my cereal and indulge in reading. Since it’s often my only real time for myself in a day, I’m willing to go to great lengths to reserve it. Health-wise, I know it’s better to get a full allotment of sleep, but I often wind up shorting my sleep just so I can enjoy this time.

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t really planned to make any weekend posts. However, watching the stats on the website shows me that you think I should have something new here, so…here I am.

Roland Cooper sent me a link to Christopher Holzman’sArt of the Duelling Sabre” this morning. On a whim this sent me on a google search for old and crunchy sabre manuals. It still amuses me that I can scan Italian swordplay material and understand it. Not well, but still! For someone who bombed out of mandatory high school french, it’s not bad. Just goes to show the value of interest in learning.

I became aware of a nifty little facebook group for women who do Historical European Martial Arts. If this is you, go check it out!

Other than that, my week has been pretty good. A little busier than expected, but I still got a good bit of swordplay in. Not enough. Never enough. I think next weekend might be a good weekend to have a nice public workout followed by some sparring. Anyone up for that? Maybe Sunday, 3pm? Drop me a note to find out the location.

What? Are you still here? Shouldn’t you be out enjoying the weekend?