Two cups of coffee down, third one in front of me. I keep telling myself I’m going to take weekends off from writing posts here. I’ve usually tried to put something up, but I do take it easy and make them light posts. Today, I’m gonna ramble.

It’s going to be a burning hot day, and I’m going to be covered in wool for most of it. I’m getting married in two weeks, and have taken it upon myself to make kilts for myself, my wedding party, and the priest (who is also my fiancee’s father.) At this point I’m hoping my fiancee gets her wedding dress done early and can help with the kilts. I’m not the most productive tailor in the world.

My other writing is going well. Got a raft of rejections from some tough markets, and used the opportunity to really re-examine my fiction writing style. I have some strong points, but have to polish up some of my voicings if I’m going to crack that market. Screenplays are still my joy. I love the format. The blend of creativity and rigid adherence to form yields a zesty feeling of productivity. I’ve got two projects on the go, and both involve heavy swordplay. One is a modern feature length, the other is a potential steam/fantasy webseries. Still developing that one, but a trial scene got me excited enough that I want to write today instead of making kilts.

On the other hand, if I get enough work done on the kilts, I can get in some swordplay as a reward. And maybe some boxing later with Courtney…So that’s my Sunday. Indulge me, tell me what you are doing with your Sunday…