Another Monday morning. At some point this week I go back to part time work, so I can start to actually work on my writing again. A few more hours free in the morning, and soon the season will be over and I can have even more time. Can’t wait. Life is too short to put off the good things, and the good things are so rarely what we think they are, or hope for. The good things are the things we have to do, not what we want to do. Things we have to do because we just aren’t complete unless we do them.

Writing, for me, is like housework. You can forget about doing it for a while, but things start to feel pretty grimy after a bit. You can live a life feeling grimy, but why? Might as well be drunk all the time. Might as well be asleep. Most people seem to skip the housework all together, and instead dream of having a maid. Which means they never settle down to do what they are meant to do, but instead drift, having a hard time starting on what they think is their chosen career in life, when it’s really just a fantasy.

But hey, more writing is still a little bit away. Tonight I teach again…more importantly, tonight I get to take my class again. I get to sweat and play, and work on skills that make me happy. I get to be in the company of awesome people. We will all be sweating together, and striving to be better. And most importantly, we will be failing together. Each of us will find some thing tonight that makes us feel useless, weak, incompetent or just plain foolish. We’ll walk headfirst into that door, and in front of everyone.

And we’ll have the pleasure of being surrounded by sympathetic eyes, eyes that have been stung by that door over and over again. Camaraderie is built up from joy and pain both, from overcoming obstacles and being daunted and stumped by obstacles. We’ll try movements tonight that are far beyond our fitness or skill levels, and we’ll fall. We might even get hurt. And the people around us will laugh…but only because they fell a moment before, and they know they will in another moment. And we’ll be laughing too. We’re all losing our fear of failure, and you can’t feel shame in front of people who’ve already had their own public moments of slapstick.

We share our clumsiness, and later we will celebrate our victories.